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There’s one sure thing that tells me I’m in a great relationship: smiling for no apparent reason on my way to work in the morning.

I am happy.

Flaws or Assets?

I’ve recently read an article about make-up: “De ce ma machiez” (Why I am putting on make-up), written here. Since the article is in romanian, I’ll just try to translate some parts of it so you’ll get the general idea:

Ro:          “[…]Dupa care ma potolesc si incep peroratia teoretica cum ca tenul este protejat de stratul de fond de ten, cum ca exista farduri si rujuri pe baza de minerale care iti ajuta tenul in momente de uscaciune maxima, cu trimitere la reviste specializate si profesionisti in domeniu.[…]Daca se intampla sa ies din casa rapid pentru o paine si uit sa imi pun ceva pe fata devin nesigura si nu mai stiu cat costa painea si nu dau doi bani nici pe mine.
Minimul de machiaj pe care mi-l pun este un fond de ten, rimel si blush…dar si asa, tot nesigura ma simt.”

En:           “[…]Afterwards I calm down and begin a theoretical rant about how the complexion is protected by the foundation creme, about how there are make-up and lipsticks based on minerals which help your complexion in times of maximum dryness, with reference to specialized magazines and field professionals.[…]If I happen to get out of the house quick for a bread and I forget to put some make-up on, I become insecure, I forget how much the bread costs and I don’t give a shit about me.
The minimal make-up I wear is a foundation cream, mascara and blush…but even so, I still feel insecure.”

Although some products might be considered helpful, I totally dissaprove of the addiction they create. People tend to complicate their lives and life is so much better when it’s simple. Why run around in a vicious circle? Just create your own comfortable sphere and let people enter it and appreciate your true self.

1. Every obstacle creates an opportunity

If you have a part of you that you don’t like, either compensate it with something else or turn it into an asset.

  • Why cover your face in “paint” when you can enlighten it with a great personality?
  • Why hide some freckles when you can be his naughty schoolgirl?

2. Treat causes not their effects

  • If you want to correct something in your appearance, do it in a natural way – eat healthy food, exercise
  • Covering yourself in makeup every day will turn you into something other than yourself – discover who you really are and be proud of it
  • Insecurities caused by not being true to yourself are just stupid

(Please note that I am not against makeup once in a while, for diversity – I just don’t like the idea that it should be part of women’s every day ritual)

3. Laugh at yourself

People will notice your positive side, not the aspect you’re laughing about.

Just so you know, I have a big nose and am proud of it! 🙂 My nose is part of my personality. I treat it with much respect and it “opens a lot of doors” for me 🙂

Consciously happy

As you may have read here, the previous posts were all part of a little experiment. I wanted to see if I can keep a record of happy everyday moments. The conclusions were:

  • if you don’t have a happy moment, focus on the good side of a bad moment
  • you can definitely find at least one event per day that can brighten it up for you
  • happy moments are not necessarily unique (I can enjoy nature almost every day) but they maintain their effect
  • my happy moment can sometimes be your happy moment

We all have good days and bad days. The point is to try to always remember the good, the happy and the beautiful 🙂

Also, I realised that the less time I spend online, the more I spend going out, having fun with my boyfriend and/or with friends, learning how to dance, learning Aikido, going rollerblading etc.I recommend everyone not to forget about their real life.

In the future I will only be posting 2-3 times per week. There’s a fine line between a blog and a daily journal and I don’t think I want you people to know what I ate last night/morning :P. Hopefully more meaning will be added to my next posts.

Thank you for encouraging me to continue, friends!


Posts postponed – indefinite time.

Day 95

I’m going to start a new project today. Hopefully, it will be  long term one and will boost up my self esteem (and other things 🙂 )

Day 94

Rumba day and clubbing night. It’s good to have plenty of weekend activity 😀

Day 93

Friday I practiced:

  • being honest
  • communicating
  • trying to find solutions rather than just present a problem

I think these are three things everyone should do more often to grow as a person.